Every morning I greet our students on the playground as they are dropped off at the gate. It is my favorite part of the day.

wonderThis morning was extraordinary. We had our first frost of the season. One of our second grade students was the first to arrive and he was humming happily as he put down his backpack and looked out at our playground. “IT’S A FROZEN WONDERLAND MRS. FEISS!”  He was simply full of glee.  As he ran across the crunchy grass I grinned at the wonder and awe he displayed. Pure innocence and wonder. We need to cherish these moments.


As an international school we have students from all over the globe. One of our newest arrivals just came from southern Spain. She has lived in the land of sun and sand her entire life. I found her this morning crouched down and staring at wonder at the grass that had changed overnight. She asked me “What is this Mrs. Feiss?” with pure curiosity.  I asked her if she wanted to touch the icy ground. As she reached down and put her finger on an icy blade of grass an immediate smile appeared on her face. A flurry of questions followed:

How did this happen? Will it still be here at recess later? Why is the grass a new color?

New experiences, new learning.  Wonder.  Inquiry at it’s best.  Happy Tuesday all.




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